iOS 11 Features and Everything You need to know

 iOS 11 Features and Everything You need to know

pictures By @theapplehub

The next update to Apple's mobile operating system,iOS 11, is already in development at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California. While we don't know a lot about the update as of yet, there have been a few rumors about upcoming features that could make their way into the new operating system.

iOS 11 Features

Everyone is Waiting For the Next BIG update of apple os THE iOS 11and here is the best concept of ios 11 made by @theapplehub.Scroll Down to take a Closer look And Discover the iOS 11


The First feature 

iOS 11 Features

iOS 11 This is the most loving feature in the history of apple os "slide to unlock"But it was removed in ios ios 10 there was press the home button to unlock  but many people only like the apple old slide to unlock feature that's why the return of "Slide to unlock" is the first and most suggested feature 

The Second feature 

iOS 11 Features

As we know Siri only works when it is connected to the internet but now AI like Ok Google Work without the internet it can do many tasks which don't need an internet connection.So this feature also people want in Apple too that's Why this s the second demanding feature.

The Third feature 

iOS 11 Features

Unicode 10 is scheduled to be released in mid-2017 which means iOS 11 could be the update that brings us Face With Hand Over Mouth, Merperson, Curling Stone, T-Rex, Orange Heart, and Person in Steamy Room, and much more.
You can get a feel for what the new emoji characters will look like on the iOS keyboard in the walkthrough video below.

If we use the iOS 10 and Unicode 9.0 release as a guide, look for an iOS 11.x update to bring these emojis to your iPhone and iPad. iOS 10.2 delivered Unicode 9.0 emojis to iPhone and iPad in December.

So Sometimes it's Hard to find a Emoji while chatting We waste our time just to find a single emoji.So the third demanding Feature is Emjoi Search So people can easily type the emoji they want and just boom! Send that Emoji no more time Wastingin iOS 11.

The Fourth Feature  

iOS 11 Features

Recently in Google I/O they launched a new feature called picture in picture in which you can see youtube videos on multitasking this is the best and must feature everyone os have.And people start loving it in beta testing of Andriod O.And people want this feature in  Apple iOS 11 too.So the Fourth feature is The Picture in Picture 

The Fifth Feature 

iOS 11 Features

Yes, this is the feature that We also demanding.Rather to wasting the time to clear single app a clear all button can save our time.

 Apple iOS 11 will be previewed at the Worldwide Developers Conference, set to take place from June 5 to June 9. The operating system will likely be introduced at a keynote event on June 5, and provided to developers for testing purposes directly afterward.
Following an extended testing period,  Apple iOS 11 will see a public release in the fall alongside new iPhones if Apple sticks to its traditional release schedule.

So these are the five Features.comment what Feature you like the most and Also comment your  Views. 

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